1,001 Tasty Moroccan Delights

Morocco is a country where life is good and the food is even better! Its cuisine is rich and inviting, tinged with the best of the Middle East. Spices are given pride of place: coriander, saffron and cumin elevate many recipes with a hint of spiciness in the best taste. Couscous, tagine and pastilla made with chicken or seafood are the most famous Moroccan dishes.

Moroccan cuisine is world renowned and boasts incredible diversity. After all, food on the coast is not approached the same way as in the Atlas Mountains. For example, Agadir has specialized in cooking with argan oil, but in the mountains sheep are turned into mouth-watering mechouis spit roasts.

Sweets are featured throughout the country; "gazelle horns", honey briouats and ghriba are tiny treats that will please the palate and win over even the most demanding gourmets. Fruits also get the royal treatment. Dates may be stuffed with marzipan or walnuts and oranges are sprinkled with cinnamon or juiced. Tagines play with flavors; though most are savory, they also flirt with sweet notes when flecked with prunes, apricots or raisins. At the end of the meal, a glass of mint tea – peppermintif you like – isserved to warm the throat and give your belly a break!