Dakhla, play Robinsons of the sands

Dakhla, the pearl of southern Morocco

Dakhla is a heavenly town in southern Morocco, lost between the waters of the Atlantic and the sands of the Sahara. It is a place whose pleasures should be devoured. There are miles of beaches throughout the city that give you an opportunity to relax or to participate in a whole array of water sports.

These shores are among the most beautiful in Morocco. Sheltered from the world by the surrounding desert, they are a peaceful haven – anideal spot for lounging under the sun at a constant, year-round temperature of 77°.

Two of the nearby beaches are particularly famous: PK25 and Foum El Bouir. The first is beloved for whiling the time away; the beach is made for relaxation and quiet dips in the lagoon's still, crystalline waters. The ambiance at Foum El Bouir, which is renowned for water sports, is livelier. Professional and amateur surfers, kite surfers and windsurfers flock here to get carried away by the wind and waves. The internationally famous Pointe du Dragon is also close: its breakers are impressive and the most celebrated surfers have slid into the spectacular tubes that roll along hundreds of yards.

Dakhla is a gateway to the desert and to sub-Saharan Africa, but, above all, it is a gateway to paradise!  

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