Chefchaouen, the beautiful blue

Chefchaouen: A blue dream

The special appeal of Chefchaouen goes beyond its prime mountainside location. Travelers are fascinated by the surreal impression it leaves. The facades of its houses are painted blue and white, so that the whole city appears to be drenched in azure. Walking here feels like moving through a dream.

And yet Chefchaouen is much more than just a pretty face. The city is full of attractions, thanks to its rich heritage. Its medina is small, but authentic: stroll through its alleys to mingle with the locals and take in the smells of everyday life, such as bread hot out of the oven and expertly prepared tagines. There is also the kasbah right in the middle of the historic district, whose lush gardens are a cool haven in the heart of the city. The town's museum is also worth a stop: check out its collection of antique weapons, photos of the city and textiles.

Its ideal setting means Chefchaouen is also a paradise for hikers. The surrounding mountains are full of tempting walking trails. Choose any of them and discover an entirely different, remote side of Morocco: the Rif Mountains.

If you want your vacation to feel like a dream, add the "Little Blue City" to your itinerary!

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