Azilal, in the center of the Atlas

Azilal and the valley of happy people

Extend your explorations in Morocco with a trip to Azilal. The beauty of this city in the heart of the Atlas Mountains is further enhanced by the sublime natural surroundings. Azilalhas showcased its living culture, crafts and architecture to develop a sustainable, fair ecotourism industry that you'll love.

Come and enjoy its rich, diverse cuisine with dishes like Berber couscous, fish tagine and olive tagine prepared with argan oil.

You will also fall for the many natural wonders you can tour in the area. So take the time to gaze on the splendid waterfalls at Ouzoud, gasp at the stunning natural bridge at ImiN'Ifri near Demnate, contemplate the blue waters at Bin El Widane Lake, cool off in the gorge of the Ahansal River or amble through the beautiful Tamga nature park.

The final must-see destination is the AïtBouguemez valley in the shadow of the majestic Mount M'goun, which rises to over 13,000 feet. This is the place referred to as the "Valley of Happy People".

To recuperate from your hard work, enjoy some local hospitality with a traditional mint tea and delectable Moroccan pastries.  

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