Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima, the Mediterranean pearl

The blue waters of the Mediterranean, light, gentle waves and the coastline that forms the outline of one of Morocco's most stunning bays: this is the scene nature has set for you in Al Hoceima. It looks and feels like heaven on earth. Stretch out on a lounge chair on one of the many nearby beach,whereyoucansoak up the sun and bask in its glory. Under these eternally blue skies, relaxation is a priority!

But Al Hoceima is more than a mere seaside resort town. Its outlying areas are full of treasures that the most adventurous travelers will love exploring. Near the fishing village of Torres de Alcalá outside the city, you will find the ruins of five guard towers built by the Portuguese when they occupied the area. Today the site is a great place for long walks sure to please fans of old architecture.

In the city itself, the port is worth a look. Stroll here and admire its docks as they bustle with fishermen at work. Venture a bit further to the Moro Viejo coastal road for a splendid sight as it winds through the city and ends at one end of the bay with an unbeatable view of the surrounding area.   

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