Reunion Time

A plethora of outdoor activities

Come to Agadir for the ocean, but stay to explore its hinterland. The Lesser Atlas Mountains extend to the east of the city with jagged silhouette that form a stunning backdrop for all kinds of sporting activities.

Hiking is a must. If you enjoy walking, choose one of the trails that crisscross the region for a safe, worry-free adventure. But why not vary your pleasures? You an also rent a camel or horse in the area and explore the backcountry with a friendly animal companion. Bicycles are also available. There are tons of ways to get out with your family.

If you like more mellow activities, Agadir is a top spot for golf in Morocco. There are several courses on which you can practice your swing and relax in an enchanting setting where the air carries the scent of mimosa and eucalyptus trees.

Agadir offers an array of recreational settings and opportunities, from the Lesser Atlas for intrepid explorers to the manicured beauty of golf courses where you can play the gentleman.

Other activities to discover