hammam & spa,

Visit one of Morocco's many wellness destinations to relax and recharge

Thanks to its geographic positioning and its climate, Morocco is a place where the benefits of water are showcased in the form of spa treatments, thalassotherapy, balneotherapy and hydrotherapy. Relaxation and treatments await!

The quintessential wellness experience is still the hammam, where you will be pampered with exfoliating scrubs and massages using black soap, rhassoul clay, aromatic plants, rose water and henna. From the traditional communal hammam to a spa facility at a prestigious institution in Morocco's major cities, indulge yourself in a moment of extreme relaxation.

Discover balneotherapy at fitness centers in Marrakesh, Agadir and Casablanca. Showers under seawater mist, whirlpools and water aerobics will give you a feeling of comfort and well-being.

In the well-equipped seaside towns of Agadir, Essaouira, Tamuda Bay and Casablanca, you can enjoy thalassotherapy, which mines the benefits of the marine environment for preventive and curative treatments under medical supervision. Choose a treatment based on your goal: relaxation (hot seawater bath), calming (rehabilitation, pressotherapy), energy (water jets, acupuncture), beauty (aromatic plant wraps) or slimming (seaweed procedures).

Finally, a health-oriented stay in Morocco will lead you to the Moulay Yacoub spa complex near Fez, which is famous for its natural hot springs, whose sulfur-rich water is full of therapeutic properties. Treat yourself to baths, airbaths, jetted showers, vaporarium, thermal pool and massages to experience their curative and beautifying effects.

Wellness is part of the Moroccan lifestyle, by culture and by tradition. Come experience its luxury and authenticity for yourself. Then share your wellness experience with friends and family in the form of traditional, high-quality bath and beauty products.