Land of hikers


Morocco on foot

Wide open spaces are abundant in Morocco. Throughout the kingdom, there are national parks that preserve nature's beauty and double as magnificent hiking destinations. To the south and the east, the Sahara beckons: head there for an adventure within the immensity of the desert.

The well-marked paths make it easy for you to enjoy the pleasures of walking. To the north, try Al Hoceima park on the Mediterranean coast, where a hiking trail runs through the park and along the sea. There are several rest houses along the way, so you can spend a few days with the plant and wildlife of northern Morocco. Talassemtane National Park offers similar treats. You will love exploring it as you hike from waterfalls to streams to the shade of Morocco's pine trees and giant Atlas cedars. In the south, check out the Valley of Roses for an unforgettable walk in an enchanting setting.

The most gregarious travelers can opt for backpacking: from the peaks of the Middle Atlas mountains around Ifrane to the top of the famous Mount Toubkal – Morocco's highest mountain, which can be summited in two days. The Sahara Desert is another option: here the pleasures of camping mix with the discovery of vast spaces and interactions with the locals. You can also choose peaceful horseback rides along the beach throughout Morocco.

The country of Morocco is like one tremendous hiking trail: as you travel through forests, over mountains or atop cliffs, you won't fail to be captivated by nature's wonders.